Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Apply Iron On Patches

1.  Pre-heat your iron to the wool setting.

2.  Determine where you want to put the patch.  To find the best place to adhere the patch, you may want to try the garment on and hold it up to you.  This is a permanent iron-on so you only get one shot.

3.  Peel the paper backing off the patch.

4.  Use sewing pins to pin the patch to the garment temporarily.  Try to put the pins in an area where there is only one layer of felt. If you are ironing on a Star Trek patch, put the pin through the gold fabric being careful not to snag it.  (If you don't have pins you can cover the patch with a press cloth and iron it until it is adhered enough to turn inside out.)


5.  Turn your garment inside out and smooth out the fabric so that it is nice and flat against the patch.  (Due to the thickness of the felt and the delicate nature of the gold fabric on the Star Trek patches, the patch should be ironed on from the inside/backside.)

6.  With your pre-heated iron press down on the patch from the inside for about 10 seconds.  Make sure your iron covers the entire surface.  After it cools enough to handle, carefully turn it right side out and remove the pins.  Check for adhesion.  Repeat if necessary.

7.  Allow garment to cool completely and turn right side out.